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Tigase External Component & Manager
External Component - testing external component settings and connectivity
External Component Manager - testing configuration of external components
Tigase Custom Tests
Example Jaxmpp Test
Tigase XMPP Server Features Tests
Check WorkGroup component
Tigase XMPP Server Tests
Retrieve server version
Retrieve server statistics 1
SASL authentication
Brute Force Prevention
Password change
VCard: VCard4 support - #2407, #2410
VCard: VCard4 and VCard-Temp integration - #3282
VCard: Setting VCard-temp with empty photo - #6293
MotD: Message of the Day
Welcome: Welcome message
User credentials manipulation
Offline Messages: Setting offline messages limit to 3 - #2944
Offline Messages: Sink Provider - #2947
Offline Messages: Testing message delivery reliability related to stream resumption and resource conflict - #4262
Offline Messages: Testing message delivery reliability related to stream resumption and sending message to offline contact - #4298
XEP-0357: Push Notifications
C2S: TLS - Client Cert: Two-way TLS - #2939
WebSocket: Test WebSocket connectivity - #3305
Tigase XMPP server monitoring - #2951
Admin ad-hoc tests
Presence tests
Privacy list
Tigase Auditlog Component
Get list of connected users
Get list of disconnected users
Get list of history entries for connections
Tigase MUC Component Tests
Test MAM support - #4732
Test limit of users per room - #3179
Test handling of timestamps - #7443
Tigase HTTP API Component
UI: Web Admin UI - #2955
REST: REST API for Setting/Updating Privacy Rules - #2928
REST: Sending XMPP messages using HTTP REST API - #2936
REST: Test support for retrieval of XEP-0084: User Avatar using REST API call - #3258
REST: Test user status change via REST API call - #8226
Password reset over email
Upload: Test support for XEP-0363: HTTP File Upload
JaXMPP Tests
Testing reconnections - #4266
Testing state of JaXMPP instance after issues with connection or authentication timeout - #4378
Tigase PubSub Component Tests
Node and item manipulation using PubSub procotol - #4229
PEP support
Removal of PEP nodes on user removal - #3544
MAM: Support for XEP-0313 for PubSub - #4733
REST: Node and item manipulation using REST API - XML - #4229, #4728
REST: Node and item manipulation using REST API - JSON - #4728
REST: Item publication on PubSub node with message expiration using REST API - #2959
Testing propagation of changes to node configuration to other cluster nodes - #3993
Tigase Message Archiving Component
XEP-0313 - Message Archive Management
XEP-0136 - Message Archiving - basic tests
XEP-0136 - Message Archive - extended tests
XEP-0136 - Message Archiving - RSM
XEP-0136 - Message Archiving - Tags and Contains
XEP-0136 - Message Archiving - MUC